BAT are hit again at Alzheimer’s Show!

Returning to Alzheimer’s Show for our second year, BAT were once again a highlight of the show bringing back our unique drug-free Alzheimer’s Therapy programme and crowd pleasing ping pong robot!

Delivering a live appraisal of our specialist therapy table tennis table with Professor Stephen Jackson as part of its on-going development, BAT also welcomed Dr Matthew Kempton from KCL who’s leading on our major body of research, and Arriva Bus company who have generously donated £1,000 to BAT through their community volunteer awards won by our very own Brian Kerr (see main stories)!

If that wasn’t enough, BAT also featured heavily in a news piece by BBC London who were reporting on the show and some of the visionary projects like BAT that are leading champions on the fight against Alzheimer’s!

Partnering with Call To Mind and the ‘Wall of Recall’, which features an exhibition of images from 1966 as part of a soon to be travelling installation to care homes, BAT also unveiled our very own art project…a series of commissioned portraits of famous people who live or did live with Alzheimer’s.

You can see pictures from the show below.

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