The BAT Family
BAT truly recognise that our journey, success, and achievements to date are not solely down to the hard work of our passionate team, but also due to the superb efforts, incredible support, and fantastic dedication of a number of people and organisations who have helped us along the way.

Creating partnerships, building relationships, and making friends to continue to develop our work and help deliver impact as far and wide as possible, is a key factor for BAT. If you'd like to work with us get in touch today.


We'd like to say a huge thank you to the following key partners for everything they've put in and given to BAT to get us to where we are today...



Bounce, The Home of Ping Pong, is the ground-breaking and ultimate social ping pong bar and restaurant with venues in the heart of Central London, East London, and Chicago.

Wanting to give back to the community, Bounce were inspired by the work of Ian Craigton-Chambers, the Ping Pong Care Campaign and the power of table tennis to deliver change in the lives of those with Dementia. So along with Fellow Trustee, and CEO of Bounce, Adam Breeden, Diane Jervis launched the BAT Foundation in 2013 - to positively impact those with Alzheimer's through Drug Free, table tennis therapy programmes.

You can visit Bounce, book your tables, or your next work party at:



Formed in 1950 by renowned Japanese international Hikosuke Tamasu, Tamasu Butterfly is today the world's most popular manufacturer and leading brand worldwide of high quality table tennis products.

Knowing their capability and having an established history with Bounce, Butterfly were the clear choice for BAT to partner with to manufacture our specialised equipment. Working closely together with panel creator Inclusion, Butterfly developed and produced BAT's Therapy Table - a high quality, lightweight, easy to move and store table, with fully integrated panels - designed perfectly for care, health, and community settings.

See Butterfly's wide range of table tennis equipment here:



Inclusion combines Table Tennis and Racquetball to create an exciting, more intense playing experience using revolutionary Plexiglass side walls allowing angled shots and advanced game play.

Seeing the potential in Inclusion's panels to be part of our therapeutic table tennis table, BAT's creative Director Ian Craigton-Chambers brought Inclusion and Butterfly together to support BAT in developing the world's first 'Table Tennis Therapy' table - specifically devised to enhance the application of the table tennis experience for the benefit of those with Alzheimer's.

Take a look at Inclusion's social US operations at:



Founded in 1829 by a group of eminent politicians and churchmen, King's College London is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge, learning, and understanding in the service of society.

As a research-led university in the heart of London, innovation and effective partnerships sit at the core of King's purpose. Combined with the world-beating research they've undertaken, there was a perfect synergy between BAT's vision and King's philosophy. Together we're conducting brand new research into the mental, physical, and emotional benefits of table tennis for those living with Alzheimer's.

Check out King's string of research achievements here:



For 50 years, the University of Stirling has established a reputation as an institution that contributes innovative research that is relevant to the social, economic and cultural needs of society.

They are home to the Dementia Services Dementia Centre - a base of knowledge and expertise dedicated to improving the lives of those with dementia, and Prof June Andrews - a recognised world expert in dementia and dementia care. We consulted with both during the development of our BAT Therapy Table, especially around countering the visual deprivations that are experienced in the early stages of the condition.

Read more of Stirling's successes at:



Table Tennis England is the national governing body of table tennis in England, responsible for representing, co-ordinating, administering, marketing and developing the sport.

Table Tennis England exists to create and support opportunities for everyone to enjoy and achieve in table tennis, such as informing, influencing, and persuading public opinion and key decision-makers in sport as to the wider benefits to society from participating in the game. Aside from supporting BAT at events and exhibitions, we are Table Tennis England's charity of the year for 2016/17.

Find your nearest table tennis facilities here:


Supporters of BAT
We'd like to give a big shout out to the following organisations for their backing in pushing BAT forward and support in helping us reach out to those who can benefit from our work...


Tees Sport are the official distributer of Butterfly in the UK. They are our transport partner who'll be delivering BAT Therapy Tables all across the country.


BRITDOC are a non-profit documentary film producer. It was their film Ping Pong and subsequent Ping Pong Care Campaign that's the foundation of much of BAT's work.


Arriva are a national bus company. Not only are they generous in allowing our BAT Ambassador Brian any time he needs for events, they also donated £1,000 to our work.



London Sport are a County Sports Partnership, aimed at making London the most physically active city in the world. They support BAT's London efforts and work.


Active Minds is the leading nonprofit empowering students to speak openly in an aim to change the conversation about mental health and help them educate others.


Funded by Sport England, Sports For All Sussex aims to increase the number of adults with disabilities in Sussex participating in regular Sport and Physical Activity.



A leading event for dementia care, the Alzheimer's Show have been huge advocates of BAT from day one, allowing us to showcase out work at their London exhibition.


A leading event for those responsible for dementia care, the Care & Dementia Show welcomed BAT to their Birmingham exhibition to unveil our BAT Therapy Table.


UK Dementia Congress 2016

Now in it's 12th year, the UK Dementia Congress brings together those in the field to a unique event to celebrate the latest ideas and innovations in dementia care.



Brand Licensing Europe is the definitive event for the European licensing industry. They've helped BAT reach new and different audiences to collaborate with.


UBM is one of the world's leading business-to-business events organisers. They are the team behind Care & Dementia Show and Brand Licensing Europe.


Draw Events Ltd aim to deliver outstanding social care events for the professional and consumer audience. They are the team behind the Alzheimer's Show.



T3 are creators of the unique three-a-side table tennis table. Like BAT they want to bring innovation to the game that supports social impact.


Pongathon are the 'Ping Pong Party People'. Friends of BAT from the start supporting us at events, they've since helped raise funds through their Ping Pong Fight Club.
BAT's Table Tennis Tea Time Tour is a promotional event we occasionally deliver alongside our BAT Therapy Table donations and installations as part a grand unveiling. Bringing together the residents, members, carers, family, and community, the Tea Time Tour involves tea, cake, dementia board games, the Wall of Recall, and of course dementia friendly table tennis activities... if you'd like to talk to us about the Tea Time Tour get in touch today.



A specially designed game to help stimulate memory, encourage conversation, and understand the thinking, likes and dislikes of someone with dementia.


Doesn't just turn any table into a table tennis table but can be used in the kitchen as a hot plate. Sleek, light, diverse, and more than a table tennis net.


A fairly young, happiness spreading, independent, award winning, unique Tea Mixology Company on a mission to make people happy with tea.


On a mission to change the way people think about food and proud to offer sweet temptations from Vice-toria Sponge to exotic Peach Caramel Cake.